Marlboro Maker to File a Claim With UK Government

January 20th, 2015 00:00

Cigarette maker Phillip Morris has announced that it is ready to file a claim with the U.K. government regarding a packaging law that would imply that exclusively plain packages would be legitimate for cigarettes. The government is thinking about introduction of the plain packaging law considering that it will function as a significantly better strategy to advise consumers of the hazards of smoking.


If the law is adopted, cigarette boxes and packages would not be permitted to bear any kind of branding on them. On the other hand, graphic health warnings would be set so as to display the hazards of cigarette use to those that still do so.

Phillip Morris produces the best-selling Marlboro cigarette brand, and the company has wasted several years on marketing strategy to obtain the position that it now has in the tobacco industry. The biggest cigarette producer has showed that it is ready to file a claim with the U.K. government.
The Australian government put in place plain packaging laws in an identical effort to strengthen public health, Phillip Morris are presently suing them. In an assertion the company released that it is ready to “defend its rights” and in doing so will go to court to search for what it views to be a reasonable value of its property.
Phillip Morris put forward a report to the Department of Health declaring that the company would be looking for reimbursement of “billions of pounds.” It is considered that the relevant settlement for tobacco branding should be approximately 11 billion pounds, based on the 2014 Exane BNP Paribas report.

As outlined by Phillip Morris, plain or standardized tobacco packaging is a way of revolting what the company views to be a government mandated break down of property. The company has asserted that plain packaging rules are illegal and work in opposition to the fundamental demand of what lawmaking must be. Phillip Morris went on to term the offered standard as “excessive”.
Concerns over legal difficulties have currently postponed the progress, and right now that cigarette giant Phillip Morris has stated that it is ready to sue should the law be adopted, more delays are anticipated.

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