Imperial Tobacco's Plain Packaging for Bond Cigarettes Doesn’t Correspond to Regulations

September 26th, 2012 00:00

The first cigarettes with plain packaging have appeared in the major supermarkets – and they do not correspond to the government’s tough new rules.

Imperial Tobacco introduced the new packaging to challenge the government by declaring “what is inside counts”.

The rival Philip Morris refused to comply with the rules, despite that fact it made a more serious move.

The Health Minister Tanya Plibersek stated that Imperial Tobacco’s declaration that what is on the inside counts, is the last poor joke from Big Tobacco.

Imperial Tobacco stated to the News Limited that the new labels design that depicts the old labels being ripped off to show that plain packaging was mostly “an action to give factual information about coming legislative changes to smokers of the Peter Stuyvesant brand of cigarettes”.

Bond Cigarettes pack

“It is also essential to inform adult smokers that the product itself will remain the same” a company’s representative stated in an interview.

These regulations will demand tobacco companies to start producing cigarettes and other tobacco products in olive packaging that includes larger health graphic earnings covering more than 75% of the front of the cigarette pack from October 2.

Starting December 1, all retailers will have to guarantee that all tobacco products they distribute are in the new packaging or otherwise will face great fines. The Department of Health declared that it will control the new rules. “The new packaging of Philip Morris of its Bond Street cigarettes doesn’t correspond to new plain packaging requirements.”

“We underline that if these cigarettes are sold or supplied after December 2012 the packaging would not correspond to the present Act. The infringement of the act could cover the company with huge fines of more than $1.1 million.

The department has cited the health warnings placed on the pack to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to see if they correspond to the new regulations.

Giant retailers are expecting to receive deliveries of the new packages and the health Minister declared that she will “be closely observing the new packages in order to guarantee that they correspond with the regulations as we understand that Big Tobacco will undertake wise actions to evade the regulations.”

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