Government Postpone Plans for Plain Cigarette Packaging

July 23rd, 2013 00:00

The Government decided to postpone its plans to launch standard cigarette packaging in the UK, thus boosting negative opinions from health representatives.

The guideline, which was estimated to reflect an identical Australian action, has been examining at the Department of Health for over a year. A positive consultation process in 2012 received approval across Parliament.

plain tobacco

Based on earlier notices, the plan would dissuade teenagers from smoking by displaying notable, health graphic warnings and just simple text to stand for brand and variety. Nevertheless, Health Minister Jeremy Hunt is supposed to announce today that a conclusion on execution has been delayed in order to allow more time on examining its achievements in Australia.  “Solely Australia has carried out it so far and they did it at the end 2012,” they mentioned. “So it is not obvious yet whether or not it would really produce any effect. It is very tough to conclude, that is why it is being postponed for now.”

A Department of Health representative affirmed: “This is a good choice and we make no apology for requiring additional time to make it right.” The statement has already attracted criticism from Cancer Research UK, who declared that they are amazed by this action. "We believe that the government has made a very bad choice." "Definitely the Government must demonstrate the example of how to protect the health of future generations. They state that they are very interested in public health. So, it is time to demonstrate that interest." "The tobacco industry is completely depending on attracting children to start smoking," he stated. "What we have to do is to prevent those kids becoming hooked on that addictive product.

For pro-smokers' groupings the change is the reason for celebration. FOREST, or Freedom Organization for the Right to Enjoy Smoking Tobacco, reported it was "pleased" with the determination. Angela Harbutt, representative of the ‘Hands Off Our Packs’, declared: "The government carried out a public session on plain packaging in 2012 and more than a million of people stood against this action. "Ministers have heard what ordinary people really want. So, this is very good news for those who believe in customer freedom and stand against the excessive regulation."

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