British Authorities Hold Plain Packaging Plan

July 2nd, 2013 00:00

British authorities are still thinking about prohibiting company branding on cigarette packages despite the fact that it disregarded recommendations from its legislative agenda presented in parliament on Friday, Prime Minister David Cameron mentioned. Britain intends to become the first European country to drive cigarette producers to utilize plain packaging, a move severely opposed by the tobacco industry, which considers it the main hazard of their profit.

Plain Packaging

The Department of Health performed consultations within about five months in 2012 in order to collect proof on whether standard cigarette packaging would discourage teen smokers and support current smokers in their struggle against the habit. "This is an essential choice, we are very closely looking at what is going on all over the world," a department representative stated. For instance in 2012, Australia carried out a law declaring that all tobacco products must be sold in green packages carrying graphic health warnings.

Cuba, whose high-class cigars are known all over the world and incorporate unique packages, started a challenge against the Australian law at the World Trade Organization a week ago.
Regardless of its shortage from the authorities’ strategies, the chief of the opposition Labor Party offered to assist to accelerate through any suggested legislation. "If he needs that bill on cigarette packaging, we will help him pass it through," Ed Miliband stated. "It is the most proper issue to carry out for public health; it's the perfect factor to do for the country."

Miliband also put into question the function of government advisor Lynton Crosby in the choice, stating his agency company had worked well with cigarette companies. A representative for David Cameron explained Crosby had no impact over the details of the Queen's speech.

Campaign team wrote to Health Minister Jeremy Hunt revealing dissatisfaction regarding the absence of the strategy from the government's program. "The malfunction to bring forward the legislation greatly undermines the Government's reliability on public health concerns," mentioned the letter from the Smokefree Action Coalition, a league of over 100 health organizations. Such cigarette manufacturers as Philip Morris and British American Tobacco worry that plain packaging would negatively affect the sales of higher margin brands and moreover would stimulate the worldwide market in tobacco.

Imperial Tobacco shares have increased partially since studies published in the British media that Cameron had refused the initiative.

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