Frequently Asked Questions

In order to make shopping experience at more comfortable and easier, we have made up a list of questions our customers and visitors generally ask.

How to order at

First of all, you need to select the brand you would like to buy, and click “Buy now” to add the brand to the shopping cart. Then, indicate the amount of products you need to buy and click “update cart” button to see the price total. If the final price is all right with you, click “Confirm order” button. If you need to purchase another brand, click “Continue Shopping” button and repeat the aforementioned steps. After you clicked “Confirm Order” button you are transferred to the Account Access Page. Make a new account using your valid e-mail address, or login in case you are a registered member already. The e-mail address you are using as the log-in should be valid because all the notifications related to your order would be sent to that e-mail. Once you created an account the website takes you to Shipping and Billing Page where you have fill in your personal information, then click “Submit”. Now you are redirected to the Secure Checkout Server. Enter the payment card information and click “Purchase” to finalize the transaction. Order Status Notification Letter will be sent to your e-mail address shortly after placing the order, confirming the order authorization and another e-mail will be sent as soon as the order is shipped.

Why I have not received the Order Status Notification Letter?

In case the order status notification has not come, please check your e-mail filters didn’t blocked our letter or check your spam box. In any case, please do not hesitate to contact the Customer Service Department to make sure the order did get through.

I was notified my order was declined, what happened?

Usually, the orders can be declined due to the following reasons:

  1. Your card company refused the purchase.
  2. The card you are using to place the order, is not valid, or has expired, or you probably made an error while putting the payment card information.
  3. The type of the card you are using is not accepted by the system (We work with Bitcoins only). In order to determine the reason for the decline and fix the problem, please contact the Customer Service Department at your earliest convenience.

Can I place the order by fax or phone?

Unfortunately, we do not accept fax or phone orders at the moment.

Can I arrange for the auto-delivery option?

Unfortunately such option is not allowed by Visa currently.

Where do you ship orders to?

We can deliver the orders to any place throughout the U.S., and to several countries in Europe.

Which forms of payment do you accept?

We accept the payment via Bitcoins or money transfers. Is it possible to cancel the order?

If you want to cancel the order, you need to contact the Customer Service Department during 24 hours from the moment of making the purchase. In this case the order would be canceled and the refund issued.

What is the maximum number of cartons that can be ordered at once?

There is no certain number of cartons, and our customers can order as much as they need for personal use. Yet, we recommend the first-time customers to purchase not more than 6 cartons at a time.

How can I find the status of the order?

We will send you separate messages to confirm that the order was authorized and shipped. You can contact the Customer Service Department if more detailed information is needed.

How Long will it take to receive the order?

The orders usually arrive within 14-30 days from the day of shipping. In case the order has not arrived by the end of this period, please send your query to the Customer Service Department, providing the number of the order in question.

What does CigarettesMall.Net charge for shipping an order?

Our shipping is based on a flat $14.88 rate per carton.

Can I save on shipping if I place larger orders and you ship it in bulk?

Unfortunately, the shipping rate is based on weight, so the number of cartons doesn’t depend on the price of shipping. The orders are shipped by 1-3 cartons per package.

I have received only a part of the order, where is the remaining part?

If you have ordered more than 1 carton, your order could be shipped in several packages. The orders are always shipped at on the same day. However, sometimes one part of the order can be delayed in transit, causing delays in arrival.

Where are the products offered at manufactured?

The tobacco products offered at our website are manufactured by legitimate tobacco companies located in Europe, in compliance with all quality and safety standards valid in that region. For detailed information on the country of origin of a particular brand, please contact the Customer Service Department.

What should I do if the order did not arrive or came damaged/ incorrect?

We guarantee full refund for the amount paid for the order or the re-shipment of the lost/ damaged products or replacement of the incorrect products, free of any charge. If you prefer to have a refund, please email our Customer Service Department and your account will be credited back as soon as possible. We kindly ask you to NOT cancel the payment through your card company.

Do you disclose customers’ confidential information? does not sell trade or otherwise disclose customers’ personal information to any third party. The personal information is used solely for the shipping purposes only.

What Internet browsers do you recommend?

In order to get the best shopping experience, we recommend using Firefox web browser.

How can I contact CigarettesMall.Net for additional Assistance?

If you need any assistance please feel free to email our Customer Service or call.

Will you plan to expand the present brand assortment in the future? is doing its best to introduce new tobacco products as frequently as possible.

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