Tobacco Product Should be Removed from Stores with Pharmacies

April 18th, 2011 11:20

The ban on selling cigarettes in stores with pharmacies will become municipal ordinance in 30 days after the City Council implement the ban. As soon as the ordinance becomes law, 17 retail shops should take away cigarettes and tobacco related products from their shelves or otherwise face daily fines.

“I am very glad that they passed it, I believe that it is one more step in making Fall River the healthier placed to live, work and raise children,” stated Marilyn Edge, representative of the tobacco cessation organization. After some dissenting councilors heavily criticized the law as an unconstitutional limitation on a legal product, Edge stated that the restriction was on means that provide medical products and medical advice.

“We simply want someone to buy it somewhere else, and to think twice before they do buy it,” Edge stated. “I suppose that we have to do everything we can in order to prevent people from smoking, but what is always in front of you is not going to do that,” Councilor Pat Casey stated. The new law won’t affect five independent pharmacies in the city. Those establishments stopped selling tobacco products at least a decade ago.

The chain stores that will be affected by the law are Rite Aids, Walgreens, Shaw’s supermarkets and many others. For example the Shaw’s on William Canning Boulevard is included in the ban, as it has a pharmacy. The Main Street location does not have a pharmacy and may continue to sell cigarettes. “I am happy that it passed the second reading. I suppose that that it is a good ordinance. I stand in favor of it,” stated the city counsel.

tobacco in pharmacies

Edge also added that she wanted to underline that the stores covered by the ban didn’t participate in the public debate. All of the chain stores with individual pharmacies and their general departments were asked to come to all meetings. “And no one has come or voiced opposition,” Edge said. Pereira, the assistant counsel declared that the manager of a CVS invited her to ask how much time they would need in order to remove all tobacco products from their shelves.

“He stated that other communities were given three or four weeks,” she said. According to Attorney Donald Wilson the changes in the availability of cigarettes has happened. For instance hospitals don’t permit the sale of cigarettes in vending machines or gift shops. “Pharmacies are the last medical facilities where tobacco products are sold,” Edge said.

“I don’t say that we want to leave people without their rights, we simply try to restrict the availability of these products. I know only one chamber of commerce that objected to this law, and namely Fall River,” Wilson said.

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