Some Interesting Facts about Cigars

May 16th, 2012 00:00
Facts about Cigars

A cigar is a smoking product made from dried and fermented tobacco rolled into a piped shape. Long since, cigars were the luxury of the riches, however at present this is not true any more. The number of cigar smokers has risen with unexpectedly rapid progress and includes people from all social classes. Cigars are generally smoked on particular occasion and contain more tobacco than regular cigarettes.

If you are a cigar aficionado, we are sure that the below presented facts will be interesting to explore.

 The English expression “cigar” has been derived from the Spanish “cigarro”, which in its turn is borrowed from the Mayan word “siyar” denoting tobacco.

 Tobacco for cigars is grown in Brazil, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Philippines, and United States.

 A large cigar possesses more tobacco than a full pack of cigarettes.

 It should be noted that cigars contain higher amount of tar, carbon monoxide and nicotine in comparison to cigarettes.

 The smoke coming from the cigar enters the bloodstream directly through the tissue that lines the mouth, which is unusual for cigarette smoke.

 According to a research, the smoke of one cigar is equivalent to the smoke of three regular cigarettes.

 Premium quality cigars are usually hand-made; a professional cigar-roller can make hundreds of identical qualitative cigars per day.

 Initially, a lector was assigned to instruct the workers in the cigar factory. Though at present special audio books are used by many employees, the old practice prevails in some Cuban factories.

 Cigars are made from three types of tobacco, whose styles influence on flavor characteristics.

 The duration required to smoke a single cigar varies between 45 minutes and 2 hours, whereas a cigarette takes only a few minutes.

 Cigars are distinguished by size and shape, which together are called vitola.

 Figurados are named those cigars that have an irregular shape, they are the most difficult to produce.

 Parejo is the most spread shape of a cigar. This cigar has a cylindrical body and an open end. The other end has a round cap that should be cut before smoking.

 Those cigars that have darker wrapper are generally sweeter, the light once have a drier taste.

 Fillers of different strength are mixed to produce a desired cigar flavor.

 Fatter cigars have large filters, thus assuring a saturated flavor.

 In case a cigar is produced from tobacco grown only in one country, it is called “puro”, which from Spanish language means “pure”.

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