Philip Morris International CEO Rejects All Accusations at the Shareholders Meeting

May 25th, 2012 00:00

Confronted by activists- including young people who traveled to New York City to participate at the Philip Morris International’s annual shareholders meeting, Philip Morris CEO Louis Camilleri again diminished the hazardous consequences of his company’s smoking products and required the company acts responsibly when the proof demonstrates otherwise.

At previous year’s shareholders meeting, Camilleri underestimated how addictive smoking products are, declaring that “it is not complicated to quit.”

Already at this year’s meeting, he said that “cigarettes lead to some diseases.” While speaking clearly, this statement is too far from reality.

Camilleri also said that his company does only business “in the most liable manner” and “we advertise our cigarettes only to adult smokers.” Philip Morris International doesn’t market anything to children and fights with governments only for their individual property rights.

For instance, in Indonesia, Philip Morris sponsors from time to time particular entertainment events, which is a form of advertising its products for adult smokers. The company’s popular “A Mild” cigarette brand sponsors the A Mild Wanted contest, a search competition led in Indonesia.

strong tobacco control

Philip Morris International has struggled against actions to decrease smoking in Australia, Norway, Turkey, Uruguay, and many other countries. They have intimidated countries by starting expensive legal proceedings against strong tobacco control actions.

When Caeli Faisst an anti-tobacco activist who traveled from New York specially to participate at the shareholders meeting, asked Camilleri about the PMI marketing tactics, and also called the activists “ill-informed.”

Faisst came at the meeting together with Megan Rogers, who is also the members of Reality Check, New York’s young movement that operates against tobacco marketing aiming at children. Faisst said that Camilleri’s response was “very cold.”

“When we presented our own facts, Camilleri started to discredit us, telling that we are not aware sufficiently or too misinformed,” she added.

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