British Authorities Are Leaving the Idea to Launch Plain Cigarette Packaging

May 24th, 2013 00:00

The British authorities are leaving the idea to launch plain cigarette packaging, in an approach that will satisfy the tobacco industry that had challenged the proposal it would keep youngsters away from smoking. Health authorities had been evaluating prohibiting brands on packages of cigarettes for over a year, a policy that would have seen the UK adhere to the actions of Australia, which is trying to discourage people from smoking.

Plain Cigarette Packaging

Brands on cigarette packages are probably one of the last leftover approaches to promote cigarettes, as a lot of other techniques are currently not allowed in the UK. A ban on tobacco displays in shops was released in 2012. The strategies have been slipped in an effort to concentrate on more key policies in the coming weeks, when the authorities have to outline its legislative agenda for the following session of parliament.

Shares in Imperial Tobacco, which account for around 45 % of the tobacco market and possesses the UK’s top-selling cigarette brand Gauloises and Davidoff, increased 2.5 % in early trading, in opposition to a decreasing wider market. The company had declared for numerous times that plain packets would not affect the number of cigarettes sold, stating that the given step had had no impact in Australia. Industry experts had cautioned that cigarette companies could be hurt in the long run, as eliminating brands from packages would make it more challenging for them to charge a premium. There had also been worries among tobacco experts that if the UK launched plain packaging, other countries in the EU would have adhered to the suit.

JTI, the maker of Camel, LD and Winston, was mainly vocal in its resistance to the policy. The Tokyo listed company acquired advertisements in UK national newspapers cautioning against the policy, declaring that it had obtained a letter from the department of health in which it mentioned there was no proof for the claim that plain packaging decreased smoking.

Andy Burnham, Labour’s health secretary, stated the government had “totally lost its way” on public health. “David Cameron guaranteed to get tough on smoking abuse, however instead has collapsed in to big business and vested interests,” he mentioned. “Standardized cigarette packages are crucial to stopping our teenagers from taking up smoking. We call on the government to reconsider ditching this plan.”

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