Virginia cigarettes

Virginia is a cigarette brand manufactured and distributed by Philip Morris International. For the first time they appeared in 1968 and immediately became popular due to its strong advertisement and promotion. Young and freedom-loving women were targeted by this brand of cigarettes.

In order to make Virginia cigs look unique and exclusive, manufacturers created them much thinner in diameter in comparison to the regular cigarettes. Also the cigarette is about 100 and 120 mm in size which is longer in height than regular cigarettes, thus making its appearance more refined. The smoke produced by Virginia fags is much lesser than in normal sized cigarettes, which help to reduce the amount of second-hand smoke in the air.

Virginia has always paid attention to the consumer needs and demands. Philip Morris International introduced about 11 different packing of cigarettes and after testing, 7 still exist in the cigarette market. This brand is a favorite of many ladies all around the world who appreciate their smooth taste, pleasant flavor and elegance. Virginia cigarette are produced from selected sorts of tobacco thus assuring a delightful flavor and inexpressible smoking sensations.

The design of Virginia pack is very elegant a white background with vertical stripes on it. The stripes differ in colors which normally depend on the flavor of Virginia cigarettes. Virginia cigarettes are available all over the world. You can buy this amazing cigarette brand at for very cheap price and very soon they will be delivered to your home.

Virginia cigarettes do not come just in one type, we offer: Virginia Super Slims Premium, Virginia Super Slims Premium One, Virginia Super Slims Premium Blue, Virginia Super Slims UNO White and Virginia Super Slims UNO Black.

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