• Plugarul Cigarettes
  • Plugarul (Non-Filter)
    • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes
    • minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit
    • $12.74
    • $15.93

Plugarul cigarettes is offering you a cigarette brand with a tangy taste and invigorating flavor that will fill its smokers with energy and power- Plugarul cigarettes. This cigarette brand is produced by TUTUN-CTC a leading tobacco company in Eastern Europe, which manufacturers its smoking products in conformity with all European Standards. Up-to-date equipment and premium quality ingredients are used in Plugarul fags production.

Plugarul cigs have been awarded with various prizes and quality certificates at the exhibition that took place in Madrid last year. These non-filtered cigs possess a strong, full-bodied taste and a fresh flavor. Plugarul fags are made from Oriental Blend East tobacco grown on rich soils with a strict observance of all conditions. Though Plugarul cigarettes do not have filter they are easy to inhale, moreover only high quality tobacco without any additives are used in this brand. The majority of Plugarul lovers state that smoking these cigarettes is almost as easy as breathing through a straw.

The name of this brand in Romanian language means “a man who ploughs”, that is why Plugarul has so strong and rich taste. If you don’t imagine your life without work and various activities, then Plugarul cigarettes are the best choice for you.

Plugarul is mostly preferred by male smoker as this brand is stronger than filtered tobacco products. The design of Plugarul fags is quite simple and restrained; however they are in a high demand in the cigarette market and have their regular customers. So, if you want to taste these cigarettes which have a strong and smoky aroma. Then place an order and make you choice in favor of Plugarul.

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