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    • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes
    • minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit
    • $17.52
    • $21.90

MT cigarettes

MT cigarettes brand is one more masterpiece produced by “Tutun CTC”, a leading tobacco company located in Eastern Europe, which started its activity in 1924. The company manufactures more than 25 brands of smokes, most of which are popular not only at home but also abroad.

Nowadays “Tutun CTC” is equipped with advanced technologies that were brought from Austria, France, Germany and Great Britain. All tobacco processing methods are realized in conformity with European Standards. The company’s brands were awarded for their premium quality with a great number of medals starting from gold to bronze at the international and national exhibitions.

These fags are made from a unique mixture of Virginia and American tobacco sorts that makes its taste more saturated and fresh. It is worth mentioning that MT cigs posses an innovative mono-acetate filter, which purifies tobacco smoke, thus allowing a pure and refined taste.

MT cigarettes are mostly preferred by male smokers, who appreciate their strong and tangy taste, which underlines their male nature and fortitude. These fags will assure a pleasant smoking experience and with every inhalation you will feel their powerful and rich taste. Although the design of these cigs is simple it doesn’t affect their quality. MT cigarettes are placed in a hard white package with red and blue stripes. offers MT cigarettes at the most affordable price which will surprise you and your friends. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy these full-bodied cigarettes and experience their long-lasting taste.

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