Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike cigarettes

It is very difficult to orientate in the diversity of cigarettes offered on the tobacco market, but it is evident that cigarette lovers are always in search of a good tobacco, such as Lucky strike cigs. Lucky strike is a fag that combines an excellent taste, quality and low price.

Lucky Strike is one of the first trade marks in the world, which appeared in 1871. Currently Lucky Strike cigarettes are represented by the British American Tobacco (BAT), the world’s second largest tobacco group, with brands sold in more than 180 markets.

Starting with the 1917, the brand began to use the slogan “It’s Toasted” in order to communicate consumers about the producing method in which the tobacco is toasted and not sun-dried, thus making Lucky Strike’s taste more pleasant.

The amateurs of Lucky Strike fags give preference to this brand because it has a unique and exquisite taste. These cigarettes are produced from a mixture of various tobacco brands which provide its great flavor and quality.

At present, Lucky strike is one of the most preferred cigarette brands in the USA and one of the well-known all over the world.

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