• Leana Non-Filter
  • Leana Non-Filter
    • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes
    • minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit
    • $11.94
    • $14.93

Leana cigarettes

Leana Cigarette is one of the most preferred and popular non-filtered brand produced by the TUTUN CTC, the leading tobacco manufacturer in Eastern Europe. This factory is equipped with modern technological machinery brought from Austria, France, Germany, Great Britain and Holland. All these high-tech equipment increases the productivity up to 4000-5000 cigarettes per minute and guarantees the best and denser cigarette taste.

TUTUN CTC was awarded a lot of prizes and quality certificates for their premium quality tobacco. Probably you have already enjoyed some of non-filtered cigarette brands produced by this company as for example: Astra, Nistru, or Plugarul.

This smoking product possesses a rich and pleasant flavor that is assured by a unique tobacco of Oriental Blend East type. Leana cigarettes do not contain any additives thus provide smoke lovers with an intense taste of pure non-filtered smoking product.

Leana fags are very easy to inhale as there is no any resistance from filter. One more advantage of these cigarettes is that they can be lit from either end. Also Leana brand attract a lot of customers due to its strong taste and an original flavor.

Lenana non-filtered cigarettes are popular among different categories of smokers with low income and among those who give preference to tobacco products with high strength and full-bodied taste. Moreover non-filtered cigarettes are easier to inhale in comparison with filtered cigs. Smoking Leana cigarettes it is as easy as breathing through a straw. The amount of smoke you get is higher than in usual filtered cigarettes, that is why Leana fags are often preferred by male smokers.

The design of Leana pack is distinguished by a modest design; it is realized in yellow color that is usually associated with happiness, and energy. So, if you are ready to try something new on a very low price than do not waste your time and order Leana non-filtered cigarettes (70mm- long) and enjoy their qualitative taste.

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