Glamour cigarettes

Japan Tobacco International (JTI) which is the third largest tobacco manufacturer in the world has produced an undeniable leader on tobacco market known as Glamour brand. JTI represents several worldwide top selling cigarette brands as Winston, Camel, Sobranie, LD and Sovereign. At present Glamour is the best feminine super slim cigarette brand.

Glamour cigarettes are produced from the finest tobacco imported from around the world, which allows JTI to continue developing and improving their business around the whole world. The taste of Glamour fags is very mild and charming, because it was especially created for lady smokers. This cigarette brand is characterized by luxury and class. Glamour cigarettes offer a lady a more glamorous smoking experience each time she lights up. For certain, these cigarettes are trendy, fashionable and preferred by every smoker.

Moreover ladies can keep these cigs in their handbags, pocket or jackets because they are the slimmest cigarettes in the tobacco market. Glamour cigarettes are sold at a very affordable price, thus every woman can afford them. If you prefer original things, than Glamour is what you were looking for. Glamour fags intensify femininity and individuality of lady smokers from all over the world.

Glamour pack has a traditional and exquisite design, with a butterfly on the white background which suggests that there is something pure, light and sensual not only about the cigarettes but also the lady smoking them.
If you want to try these enchanting cigarettes, than our online cigarette store can offer Glamour cigarettes at a very low price. You have only to choose and order your favorite style and flavor, be it Glamour Super Slims Azure, Glamour Super Slims Amber, Glamour Super Slims Lilac, Glamour Superslims Blossom Aroma or Glamour Superslims Menthol Aroma.

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