• Dunhill Fine Cut Blue
  • Dunhill Fine Cut Blue
    • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes
    • minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit
    • $26.31
    • $32.89

Dunhill cigarettes

Dunhill is an internationally acclaimed cigarette brand possessing the highest possible standard. This cigarette brand is manufactured by the British American Tobacco Company, the world’s leading tobacco company, which produces top-quality brands as Lucky Strike, Pall Mall, Kent and many others. BAT sells it products in more than 180 markets and by the day endeavors at perfection. Each cigarette produced by BAT specialists is an irreproachable combination of relevancy and a centenarian tradition.

Dunhill Cigarettes are considered the most luxurious brand of cigarettes in the world and are usually preferred by smoke lovers who like cigarettes from premium segment. These fags are a bit more expensive than the mean price of many other cigarettes, but yet there are a lot of Dunhill aficionados, who purchase namely this brand. These cigarettes are produced from finest tobacco thus assuring inexpressible smoking experience. Due to a unique blend of natural tobacco without any additives or aromatizers these cigarettes became a standard of a perfect, rich and saturated taste.

Dunhill Fine Cut cigarettes are made by a special tobacco cutting method, when one inch of a tobacco leaf is cut 46 times. Namely these cigs possess exclusively mild and refined taste. The packaging of Dunhill cigarettes is one-of-a-kind; thanks to this pack the irreproachable taste of Dunhill fags remains unchangeable.

Dunhill cigarettes are the tobacco product for the true lovers of branded cigarettes. That is why Dunhill remains the long lasting leader at the tobacco market all over the world. So, do not hesitate and order Dunhill cigarettes online at our online cigarette store and you will certainly have the best ever smoking experience!

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