Cigaronne cigarettes

Cigaronne cigarettes are produced by the SPS Cigaronne Co Ltd, a manufacturer that made a revolutionary step in the tobacco market, producing high quality cigarettes with Cigaronne brand name. These cigarettes become more and more popular day by day, due to their elegance of smoking fragrance.

While creating its product SPS Cigaronne Co Ltd, draw attention to high quality, meeting the requirements of even the most fastidious smokers. Cigaronne fags are made only on modern equipment, which guarantees the best quality of each Cigaronne. Nowadays these cigarettes are exported to 35 countries all over the world. Smoking Cigaronne cigs is a real pleasure, because they were created from a unique mixture of 12 best sorts of tobacco and exclusive additives. A special solid and long filter gives Cigaronne brand an exclusive taste, pleasant and mild flavor.

Manufacturer tried to make Cigaronne fags distinctive not only in their taste but also in their appearance. Cigaronne cigarettes express refinement, finesse and splendor.

All Cigaronne styles that are offered by our online shop at an affordable price are different in taste but common in their nature, as all of them are perfect. Slims design of Cigaronne fags was made both for men and women smokers.

So, do not deprive yourself to order first-class cigarettes on a discount price.

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In our cigarette store you may find Cigaronne Exclusive White, Cigaronne Classic Slims Silver, Cigaronne Exclusive Mini White, Cigaronne Exclusive Mini Black, Cigaronne Exclusive Black, Cigaronne Exclusive Slims White, Cigaronne Exclusive Slims Black and Cigaronne Classic Slims Gold.

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